Frequently Asked Questions
Where is Hope Home located and who can come?
Hope Home is located outside of Crystal City in Southwestern Manitoba. If you are a Canadian Citizen or have Permanent Residency Status, you are welcome.


When can I come to the Hope Home to live and how long can I stay after my baby is born?
You can come to Hope Home at any time during your pregnancy. The length of stay after your baby is born will vary based on your individual life circumstances.


How old do I have to be to live at Hope Home?
Women of all ages and children in their care may live at Hope Home.


Who should I talk to about coming to live at Hope Home Maternity?
You may contact us, by phone, email, or letter to inquire about Hope Home. See our “Contact Us” link above. An appointment can be made to visit the Home first if you wish. Each woman is asked to complete an application form.


Where would I get medical care?
Rock Lake Hospital is located nearby at Crystal City. Deliveries are made at Boundary Trails Hospital in Morden approximately 60 minutes from Hope Home.


I want to pursue my education. What is offered by Hope Home?
Women who wish to pursue their education have many options. They may attend a local high school, take correspondence classes, take courses online, work towards a GED. Post-secondary options may be explored.


If I already have children, can I bring them with me?
Yes, women who are pregnant and already have children may bring them to live at Hope Home as long as there is availability.


How much does it cost to stay at Hope Home?
Each individual is assessed according to resources available to her.


Is Hope Home open to women of all faiths?
Yes, our doors are open to all women. Women are expected to participate in grace before meals, evening prayer, Bible study, and to attend a church of their choice on weekends. Many other opportunities are available for spiritual growth.