About Us

Hope Now Family Concepts, Inc. (HNFC) was established in 2011 by people with hearts for those who are involved in a crisis pregnancy. It is our hope that by extending a hand of love and support, we can provide a way for women (and their families), who may find it otherwise difficult or impossible to carry their pregnancies to term, to consider doing so. We pray that you will let us help to make it possible for you to protect and value the life that has been placed within your care.
Abortion, though it seems the easier choice to begin with, carries with it a lifetime of regret, shame, and remorse that demonstrates itself in many destructive behaviors which potentially touch generations of people negatively. There is healing to be found in God’s perfect love for you but how much better to not have to go through that process and be given a way to produce life! It is our sincere desire to help you reach decisions that will bring life to everyone concerned and to bring glory to God in the process.
We also believe that we are intimately involved with the children and partners of our ladies. We believe that decisions made to allow an infant to live will affect the whole family positively in the big picture. We are there for the whole family. We are introducing families to the ultimate giver of life, Jesus Christ. He is love and about forgiveness and restoration. There are wonderful people in place who are passionate about leading you to that healing.
The Directors of Hope Now Family Concepts hail from Beausejour, Killarney, and Winnipeg. Although our home is located close to Crystal City Manitoba our program welcomes any woman who is a Canadian Citizen or has Permanent Residency Status.