Residential Program
This is a structured, Christian based program where residents can stay during and after their pregnancy. Residents are given the opportunity to complete and further their education and learn life skills in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Participants will have the opportunity to discover what decisions led to their current situation and lifestyle, be equipped to make positive life choices for themselves and their babies, and to be enabled to carry out those plans. We own a home on an acreage near Crystal City, Manitoba with 5 participant bedrooms. The home features amenities such as a library, exercise area, meeting room and a swimming pool. Each bedroom is equipped with a bed, crib and linen, dresser and closet.
Home With a Heart Program
This requisite program is a basic life-skill training that equips participants with the skills necessary to organize and efficiently run a home, economically shop and plan menus, maintain a budget, raise children, and prepare for school and or employment. It was designed by a single mother for use by others single-parenting.
Bible Study and Discipleship
This fundamental curriculum is Biblically based and will equip participants with a knowledge of Jesus Christ and how to live out a relationship with Him..
Mentoring is an essential aspect of our program. House parents are in place to model and teach Christian lifestyle.
Overcomers 12 Step Program
This program takes participants on a journey of self-discovery and realization. As the steps are worked, students will learn things about themselves that, when examined and changed, will enable them to avoid some of the established and familiar pitfalls they may encounter in life. It is used for those overcoming addictions but is a wonderful tool for anyone.
Educational/Vocational and Counselling Referrals
Every effort will be made to secure professional counselling when required as well as to facilitate educational goals for employment.