Board of Directors

Marvin-and-Robyn-SierksHouseparents. Marvin & Robyn Sierks are by choice lovers of God and people. They believe that life begins at conception and every life is precious, significant and of great value. Having been totally set free by the power of love, Marvin and Robyn desire to help each person experience the same. Their personal stories of reconciliation and restoration have given them a desire to share the good news of identity as sons and daughters in Christ, to receive and walk in a greater level of revelation of the nature of God. They are excited to serve the Kingdom as father and mother in yet another capacity and Robyn, having been in a maternity home herself as a young teen, brings in her HOPE NOW!


Kevin_MarkDirector. Dr. Kevin Mark considers every child to be a blessing from God. He is passionately pro-babies, pro-children, and pro-life. Kevin feels it is important to provide pregnant women with an opportunity to receive Christian love and support and for their babies to be born into a safe place. He is a dentist in Killarney, MB. Together with his loving wife Amanda, the Lord has blessed them with five children so far: Silas, Elijah, Chloe, Cassia, and Clement.


Scott_MillerDirector. Dr. Scott Miller is a chaplain in a residential treatment facility. He has experience working with people struggling with addictions and has often found that there is an underlying abortion experience. He would like to help people avoid this disturbance in their lives by assisting them to bring their children safely into this world.


Heather_GodriDirector. Heather Godri, is passionate about loving God and loving people! She and Glen have been blessed with three precious daughters, Sarah, Dahna, and Heidi. They are also care providers for a chosen daughter, Laura. Having experienced the pain of abortion personally, she hopes to help others avoid the same destructive pitfall. Serving God is the foremost focus of Heather’s life and she hopes you will take His hand and join her journey!


Heather_GodriDirector. Nicole Shields believes that “Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy”. If we believe the best in people and support them, they will often rise to the occasion. She divides her time between parenting Nicholas and Madison, working as a bookkeeper at Beausejour Community Church and various volunteer positions in Beausejour, MB.


Don_and_Dianna_FreemaDirectors. Don and Dianna Freeman are parents to four and grandparents to 6 and have been married 43 years. Jesus has been the centre of their lives since for over 35 years and they seek to serve Him wholeheartedly. They have been instrumental in establishing two pro-life maternity homes, serving both as Directors. They bring years of ministry experience to the team.